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Causes & Treatments for Acne

Acne vulgaris or acne is a common skin condition featuring zits or pimples. It would happen at any age and anywhere on your body, though it often affects teenagers on their back and face. Many people suffer from an outbreak during the adolescent while going through puberty. Acne can be caused by many factors and elements, both inside and outside. Fortunately, it can be treated easily with many common options. Keep reading to learn more about some causes and treatments for acne.

6 Causes of Acne


Stress can be a trigger of acne. When you feel under pressure, the skin will produce more stress hormones like cortisol, which would urge the oil glands to generate testosterone. As a result, more oil will clog the pores and lead to acne. In modern life, this can be a common cause that is difficult to stay away, whether you are a full-time mother or worker. The best way to reduce the risk is to relax, meditate, and do regular exercises to help you alleviate stressful situations. [1]