Home Remedies & Treatments for Kidney Pain

The kidneys are responsible for removing excess fluids and waste products from your bloodstream. They are located on both sides of the body, below your rib cage. Due to regular exposures to toxins and waste, these organs are more susceptible to damage and infection. Thus, you might experience many health issues that cause pain in the kidneys. In most cases, these conditions tend to be serious and require medical treatment. In this post, we will show you some common home remedies and treatments for kidney pain.

1Dietary Changes

A kidney-friendly diet plays a key role in alleviating kidney pain. To reduce the risks, you should consume more healthy carbs in veggies and fruits. Also, it is better to avoid or limit those ingredients that can harm these organs, such as potassium, salt, and protein. Some high-protein foods to limit include eggs, poultry, and red meat. Instead, you should add more foods with high levels of fiber like raspberries, lentils or brown rice. Great alternatives to potassium foods might include green beans, grapes, cabbage, and apples. If you consume processed or prepackaged foods, make sure to read the label carefully to know the amount of sodium. [1]


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