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Top 15 Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium is an important dietary mineral which can help balance the pH and fluids in your body. It is necessary for your blood pressure regulation, muscle growth, brain function, and nervous system. Ideally, an average adult should take in at least 4700 mg potassium per day. The levels of potassium might be affected by hormone levels, vomiting, diabetes, kidney diseases, and some medications. Foods are the best source of potassium rather than potassium supplements. To boost your intake, plan to add the following 15 potassium-rich foods to your daily diet.

Black Beans

Turtle beans or black beans are a staple food in South and Central America. They are usually used in soups and burritos. Even though white beans might contain have more potassium than black ones, the latter can also be an excellent source of this nutrient. On average, 1 cup or 170 g of black beans has approximately 610 mg of potassium. However, this food is also loaded with phytates that could lower the absorption of other minerals. It can be hard to know how much these substances affect your body, but it is best to soak dried beans overnight. This will help minimize the amount of phytates. [1]