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Elbow Pain Causes

Elbow pain can vary in terms of intensity, ranging from sharping sensation to burning discomfort. It might come and go, worsen with movements, or be consistent. Depending on the underlying causes, exact symptoms and signs are different. A comprehensive assessment is needed to find out the trigger and choose a suitable treatment plant. Below are 6 common causes of elbow pain that you should know.

Elbow Dislocation

An elbow dislocation often happens when you fall to the ground with an outstretched hand. The force from this act can be transmitted to your elbow, which eventually twists or rotates this body part out of the socket. This makes the bones of your elbow, including the ulna and radius and humerus or upper arm bone, separated from the usual alignment. Along with sharp pain, an elbow dislocation would also result in visible deformity, bruising, and swelling around the joints. Many people also have tingling and numbness in their hands. [1]