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15 High Fiber Foods

There are different varieties of people in this world but I will point out 3 special ones: those who try to fill their bellies well in the morning to avoid worrying about what to eat in few hours’ time, those trying to cut down on their meals due to overweight and those who are battling with loose stools. All these three sets of people need is fiber. Fiber is the roughage portion of a plant that cannot be completely broken down through digestion. Fiber helps to bulk stools and keep you full. Here are 15 foods with high fiber content.


Bread is one food loved by all and sundry. It is a staple in the British diet prepared from a dough of flour and water, which is usually by baking. This food is almost as old as agriculture. It is the oldest man-made food, with different flavors and quite nutritious. Bread is one of the foods quite high in fiber content. You can purchase it or even have a homemade one. Bread is being consumed over time because of its many nutritious contents. If you are looking for a very rich source of fiber, then you are in the right one.[1]