Signs & Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are solid masses of minerals and salt, usually made up of uric acid and calcium. These pieces tend to develop in the kidneys and spread to other areas of your urinary tract. Stones can vary a lot in sizes. In the beginning, some are only a few inches and gradually become so large that they would take up the whole kidney. This is a very common health issue that is affecting millions of people in the country. Men and people with diabetes or obese are often at higher risks. Here are 8 basic symptoms and signs that you might experience when having kidney stones.

1Painful Urination

Painful urination is one of the most obvious signs of kidney stones. This condition, also known as dysuria, occurs when the stones reach the area located between the bladder and ureter. You would feel a burning or sharp sensation each time. In fact, many people do not know whether they have kidney stones or not. It is often mistaken for a similar issue: urinary tract infection. The pain would happen in different areas at different times. When the stones grow in size over time, the level of pain also increases. [1]


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