Hyponatremia – Diagnosis & Treatment

Hyponatremia happens when the sodium levels in the blood are abnormally low. Since this is an important electrolyte that can regulate the amount of fluids, this health condition would lead to many health issues. It is often triggered by one or more causes, ranging from consuming too much water to underlying medical conditions. Those factors cause sodium to become diluted, thus increasing the levels of water. Below are some common tests to diagnose and treatment options for people with hyponatremia.

1Hyponatremia Diagnosis

Medical History

To diagnose hyponatremia, a doctor often starts with asking some questions about your health and medical history. To prepare for the appointment, you need to do the following things:

– Make a list of noticed symptoms or signs with detailed descriptions about the intensity, and length

– Provide all of the medical issues that you have and medications or supplements that you take

– Inform if any family member has a history of hyponatremia

Based on your answers, the doctor will determine which tests to perform to confirm the presence of the condition and find out the underlying cause. [1]


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