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Top 15 Low Sodium Foods

We cannot do away with the fact that sodium is an electrolyte that is very much needed for the proper functioning of the muscles and nerves. Sodium helps to maintain the balance of water in and around your cells. It also maintains blood volume and blood pressure. Irrespective of the benefits of this electrolyte, it is expedient to maintain the sodium levels in your body. When sodium becomes too high in the body, it results in health complications. Therefore, to control the amount of sodium you take in, incorporate low-sodium foods into your diet. 15 of these foods are listed below:


One of the foods you should consider as number one on your low-sodium diet list is an egg. Eggs are incredibly cheap foods but with high-quality nutrients. So, do not take them for granted on your diet list. They are amazingly low in sodium. In fact, research says that eggs contain about 62 milligrams of sodium, which is considered very low on the sodium scale. Aside from getting to balance the sodium levels in your body, you also have the advantage of nourishing your body with essential nutrients like protein, vitamin B2, iron, zinc, copper, etc. As said earlier, eggs are very much inexpensive. Not only that, their availability is always guaranteed. [1]