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15 Low Glycemic Foods

It has become critical to take note of the foods we eat as the consumption of some foods can pose serious health issues and even aggravate underlying health issues. One of those foods to put under observation are those foods that spike glucose in the blood. There is an amount of glucose that will be considered normal in the human body. When your blood sugar level goes higher than usual, you are at the risk of having diabetes. Blood glucose does not just go up; they are stimulated by what we consume. Health professionals have then provided an index for calculating the level of blood glucose in each food. This index is called the glycemic index. It is a number from 0 to 100 that represents the level of blood glucose. Foods ranging from 0 -55 are considered low in glycemic while those ranging from 55 and above are high glycemic foods.


As it is vital to maintaining glucose levels in your bloodstream. Oat is one of those meals with a low glycemic index that can help maintain glucose levels effectively. It is a source of carbohydrate, and the carbs are converted into sugar when digested. This is typically meant to increase sugar levels in the bloodstream, but oat is a special kind of carb-food that contains fiber- carbohydrates which cause a very slow release of sugar into the bloodstream. The glycemic index of regular instant oatmeal is 55. This score is low, and this means regular oatmeal will only have a small impact on the blood sugar levels. [1]