IBS Diarrhea Diet – Foods to Eat & Avoid

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a separate condition that is not associated with inflammatory bowel disease and other bowel issues. It is characterized by a group of many intestinal symptoms that often happen at the same time. The signs can vary in duration and severity. Among these, diarrhea is one of the most common problems that cause a lot of troubles. Fortunately, you can make some diet changes to alleviate this symptom. Read on to find out what foods to eat and avoid to deal with IBS diarrhea.

16 Foods to Eat


Eggs are known for being easily digested food. Thus, they can be a good option for those people who have irritable bowel syndrome. You can eat eggs hard, poached, scrambled, or soft-boiled. Frittatas and omelets can be a suitable choice for dinner, lunch, or breakfast, or even when you decide to eat out in restaurants. Nevertheless, keep in mind that not everyone’s body can handle eggs in the same way. Some people experience a few problems with the high-fat contents in egg yolks, whereas the protein in egg whites would affect several people with a sensitive stomach. It is better to go through trial and error before adding it to your meals. [1]


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