15 Thrilling Chamomile Tea Benefits

Chamomile tea is one of the most popular drinks which provides us with a wide range of health benefits. It comes from a type of herb in the Asteraceae plant family. These daisy-like flowers have been used for a long time to remedy some health issues. To brew the tea, you just need to put some dried flowers into hot water. What makes chamomile tea so popular is that it has a very sweet taste and does not contain caffeine, making it a great alternative to green or black tea. This post will show you the top 15 thrilling health benefits of drinking chamomile tea.

1Improve Insomnia

Chamomile contains many substances that can benefit your sleep. A type of antioxidant called apigenin can bind to several receptors in the brain, which eventually alleviates insomnia and improves the quality of the sleep. Drinking around two portions daily would help you sleep quicker without any sleeping issues. In addition, this tea would relax your mind and reduce some signs of depression, which are usually associated with many sleeping problems. Therefore, it is advisable to drink chamomile tea before bedtime to enjoy these great effects.[1]


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