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Lists of Foods that Contain Gluten

Gluten is a form of protein naturally found in some foods like rye, barley, or wheat. Many food manufacturers also add this substance to their products as additives, supplements, natural colors, or flavorings. However, consuming too much gluten would increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, and associated issues. In this article, we will show you a list of 12 foods that contain gluten. Read on and keep informed to make better decisions on your diet.


Barley is one of the most common grains with gluten, along with wheat and rye. It typically has approximately 5 to 7 percent gluten. While barley is not as common as wheat, it can still be found in many dishes, especially soups. People also use barley in malted chocolates, malted milk, and similar products. Therefore, those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity or celiac disease should limit their consumption of barley. These include crispy rice, corn flakes, candy bars, and store-bought soups. Keep in mind to check the ingredient list carefully before you decide to purchase any product. [1]