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Interesting Facts about White Blood(Leukocyte)

White blood cells are known as the defenders of our body. Also known as leukocytes play a key role in protecting our body against harmful components in the surrounding environments. They can be found throughout the body, including the lymphatic and blood system. These are some basics, but there are a lot of more surprising facts that you might haven’t know yet. Read on to check them out.

A part of the immune system

Many people do not know that white blood cells are an indispensable part of the immune system in our bodies. They work as a safety barrier and are responsible for protecting the body against any invading organisms, infectious agents like viruses and bacteria, foreign matter, as well as cancerous cells. While a few white blood cells typically respond to outside threats by digesting and engulfing then, others can produce an enzyme with granules to destroy the invaders’ cell membranes. [1]