Asthma – Symptoms & Causes

Asthma is a health issue in which the airways become swollen and narrowed due to the excess production of mucus. This would make breathing harder and lead to shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing. While asthma can be a minor condition for some people, it would interfere with the daily lives of many others. In some cases, they would even experience life-threatening attacks. You cannot cure asthma, but its symptoms could be managed. Below are some common signs and causes that you should know about asthma.

1Symptoms of Asthma

Excessive Coughing

Asthma leads to the inflammation and constriction of the airways, making it more difficult to close off these parts. To respond, your body will try to clear the airways by coughing. Unlike those coughs caused by bacterial infections that are wet and full of mucus, asthma coughs are often dry and have little mucus. This condition tends to worsen or start when you are sleeping during the night. It might even persist when you wake up early in the morning. In more severe cases, coughing would persist for days or weeks. [1]


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