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Reasons to Eat Organic Foods

The demand for organic food has risen in recent years, and this is probably due to the people’s growing concerns about how what they eat affects their health and wellbeing. Organic food is food produced without the use of some pesticides; without the use of some fertilizers that are made with synthetic constituents; without bioengineering; and without ionizing radiation. These foods are produced in a way that complies with the regulations of organic farming, and they are produced in a way that preserves and promotes environmental quality. The most widespread belief is that organic foods are safer and more nutritious than non-organic foods; while some of the popular claims as to why organic foods are better than non-organic foods are not scientifically proven, there are still some reasons why you should eat organic foods, and these reasons include:

Organic foods are an excellent way to avoid hormones and drugs in animal products

When animals are given antibiotics and growth hormones, any product that is derived from such animals has a tendency to have been contaminated by these hormones and drugs; this means that any meat, milk, egg, and any other edible product derived an animal that has been raised with hormones and certain antibiotics is not organic, and these antibiotics, drugs, and growth hormones are passed directly into these products. Some of the possible effects of these non-organic animal products include genetic issues, the risk of cancers, and the early onset of puberty. To avoid these possible outcomes of consuming non-organic animal products, it is better to stay with the organic ones. [1]