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10 Flu Remedies and Treatments You Should Know

Flu is a common viral infection that can take the life of the victims if not immediately attended to. This viral infection spreads quickly, and at the onset, you might mistake it for cold. However, flu is different from cold because of the severity of its symptoms. The symptoms of flu might be similar to that of cold, but when what you have is a flu, you tend to experience the signs sooner and more intense. To avoid more severe complications like bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinusitis, find treatment or remedy as early as possible. Below are treatments and remedies of flu:


One very effective way of treating flu is using antiviral drugs such as xofluza. Xofluza is a single dose medication used orally. It is very effective against the two types of viruses that cause flu. These two types of influenza virus are influenza A and B. Xofluza is an antiviral drug which inhibits the virus and interferes with the ability of the flu virus to multiply. According to medical practitioners, xofluza also known as Baloxavir marboxil should be taken orally. And not only that, to see the effectiveness of this drug, you should use it within 48 hours of discovering your flu. [1]