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10 Symptoms of Pneumonia

You may have ever heard of Pneumonia illness if not affected. It is a common illness that affects the alveoli of the lungs which are the small air sacs responsible for air circulation and purification. The air sacs get filled with pus or some pus fluid that causes symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, difficulty in breathing and many more. You will notice that the illness severity ranges from mild to life-threatening conditions depending on different individuals. Young children and infants are commonly affected and also the elders from 65 years of age and also individuals who have a low immune system. Here are some of the common symptoms of Pneumonia that you need to watch out.


A cough is usually a sudden reflex that occurs respectively along your throat that helps in clearing the breathing passages from all foreign particles, irritants, fluids such as pus and also the microbes. Everyone has experienced a cough that happens in 3 phases which includes inhalation followed by forced and irritating exhalation of air against a closed glottis and then an explosion or release of air from the lungs when the glottis opens and usually accompanied by a forced sound that causes the entire body to shake. Occasional coughing is typically frequent in almost everyone, but persistent coughing is one of the significant symptoms of Pneumonia where you need to see a medical practitioner at the soonest. [1]