Why Your Breath Smells Like Poop & How to Treat It

Bad breath brings serious concerns to anyone. At its worst, bad breath can deal a terrible blow to one’s self-esteem. While some are easy to curb, perhaps by simply brushing or using mouth wash, others can be distressing and hard to go away. Different kinds of odors emanate from bad breath; the most disturbing one is the poop smell.

Frequently, breath smelling like poop indicates a serious underlying health issue. The causes vary widely, each treated quite differently from the others. If you notice the smell of feces in your breath, you would like to see a doctor. Check out what could be causing the odor. [1]


Bowel Obstruction

Obstruction of the intestinal tract stopping the flow of digested food from the large intestines can result in a breath that stinks of feces. This is partly due to the trapped fecal matter on its way out of the body and mostly due to the putrefaction of the digested substances held up in the gut. This condition can be life-threatening! [2]


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