13 Common Diarrhea Treatments You Need to Know

For someone who has suffered several bouts of diarrhea in the past, I will tell you that nothing could be as discomforting as passing out loose and watery stools now and then. This process can leave you so weak, pale and hungry that you begin to think you have lost all your intestines. In fact, you might even consider sitting in the toilet all day just to avoid the seemingly ‘long’ distance from your room to the toilet. Travelers’ diarrhea is the worst especially when there are no toilets in view. You cannot hold it in. You try to do that, and you see yourself drowning in the pool of your own feces in a minute. Diarrhea occurs when water is not removed from the food waste stored in the rectum, therefore resulting in loose, watery, and unformed feces. Below are some diarrhea treatments:

1Bismuth Subsalicylate

This is one of the over-the-counter medicines used to treat diarrhea. This drug is classified under antidiarrheal agents. It can only be used by adults and children who are 12 years of age and above. This medicine works by reducing the flow of fluids and electrolytes into the bowels. It also reduces inflammation within the intestines. One of the causes of diarrhea is bacteria, and Bismuth Subsalicylate helps to kill the organisms that might cause diarrhea. However, anti-diarrheal medicines such as this should not be used for a long period as it has been found out that prolonged use can result in further complications. Also, consult your doctor to know the underlying cause of your diarrhea before using this drug. [1]


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