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Supplements for Neuropathy – Vitamins and More


Neuropathy is any disease affecting the nerves in the body. It usually causes tingling or burning sensations around the areas supplied by the concerned nerves. Symptoms of neuropathy are common around the hands and feet, although nerves anywhere else can develop the disease. People with diabetes usually experience symptoms of neuropathy, in much the same way as people undergoing chemotherapy. In these people, it often manifests as a side effect of treatment or therapy. Treatment of neuropathy normally involves prescription medications and perhaps lifestyle changes. Managing the symptoms and causes of neuropathy is often the focus of treatment. However, most methods of treating neuropathy may bring up other side effects. So, studies have suggested the potency of certain vitamins and supplements in alleviating the symptoms of neuropathy. What’s more, they have shown much fewer side effects, if at all, as opposed to conventional treatment. This article would discuss some of these vitamins and supplements. It is important to state a caveat upfront that you should consult your doctor before adding any of these vitamins into your treatment regimen.