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Hypersensitivity Syndrome – Symptoms, Causes & More

What Is Hypersensitivity Syndrome?

Hypersensitivity syndrome is a serious reaction to drugs. It occurs when the body responds to a medication in the same way it may respond to an infectious disease. Specifically, the immune system releases more T-cells, which leads to damages and problems with many internal organs. While hypersensitivity syndrome is rare, it may lead to severe complications. Therefore, it is important to get informed about the condition and take preventive measures. You will learn more about the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for hypersensitivity syndrome in the next sections. [1]

Hypersensitivity Syndrome versus Normal Drug Reactions

Hypersensitivity syndrome is not similar to a normal reaction to medications. Some key differences include:

– It affects more than organ in the body.

– It may re-activate herpes viruses, particularly HHV-6, which would remain inactive in the body.

– It leads to the development of some autoimmune issues.

– The symptoms may go into remissions, but they would occur later. [2]