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Back Lift: What You Need to Know

What Is a Back Lift?

A back lift, also known as a torsoplasty, is a form of surgery to removes excess skin from the back and pull the remaining skin tighter. It is often done in those people who have lost a lot of body weight, which left their body with sagging and loose skin. In some cases, liposuctions and some body sculpting procedures can be performed as a back lift at the same time. This combination may help bring a firmer, slender, and smooth look without wrinkles. [1]

Types of Back Lifts

Back lifts can be divided into two main types:

– Vertical back lift: This type removes excess fat and skin from the stomach and back. During this procedure, the surgeon will make incisions from the top of the hip bones to the arm bones.

– Bra-line back lift: The main purchase of this procedure is to change the shape of the waist, midback, and upper back. It involves the creation of a scar along the back under the shoulder blades. It can be done for both men and women. The results can be better for a bra-line back lift. However, it may also leave large scars.[2]