10 Ways to Eradicate Ear Wax

Cerumen or earwax is produced in the ear canals. While the presence of earwax is often healthy and normal, its excessive buildup over time would be unsightly and uncomfortable. In some cases, it would even affect the hearing temporarily. Fortunately, there are many OTC drainage products available to deal with this issue. In addition, you can use some common household items to clear them. Read on to learn 10 simple ways to eradicate earwax safely.

1Saline Solution

Rinsing your ears with a saline solution can be an effective and gentle way to remove wax. You can purchase these products at most drug stores or make one at home by mixing non-iodized salt and distilled water. Just dip a cotton ball in the solution and place onto your affected ear. Squeeze a couple of drops and keep the head tilted to one side in 1 minute so that saline can soak in. Use a towel to dry the outer ear gently. If the wax is impacted and hard, use some commercial removers to soften it first before starting. [1]


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