Top 12 Stomach Bloating Causes

Stomach bloating is a common health issue in many people. It occurs when the belly becomes swollen due to gas or air after each meal. In some cases, bloating would lead to discomfort or pain and make the stomach look bigger than usual. It can also indicate the presence of some more serious conditions. Both children and adults would suffer from this problem often. Below are the top 12 causes of stomach bloating that everyone should know.

1Eating Too Much

In many cases, stomach bloating would be caused when you eat too much during a meal. When you take in a lot of foods and drinks at the same time, your body might become a stuffed can which can be bloated. So, if you often feel uncomfortable after each big meal, it is better to try having many smaller portions during the day. In addition, make sure to chew the food more thoroughly to improve the effects. This would reduce the amount of swallowed air with the foods and slow your eating speed, which leads to smaller portions and food intake. [1]


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