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Hair Loss in Men – Causes and Treatments

Hair loss is a common health issue in many people, especially men. It occurs when the crown becomes thinner or the hairline recedes gradually. There are many reasons for this. You might wonder what to do to reverse this trend. In this article, we will tell you more about the common causes and treatment options to slow down hair loss in men.

Causes of Hair Loss in Men


Up to 95 percent of men go bald due to a hereditary condition called male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. The condition makes them more sensitive to dihydrotestosterone or DHT, a byproduct of testosterone. Over time, DHT causes affected hair follicles to become smaller and thinner until they stop generating hair. There are two main patterns of hair loss caused by this condition:

– Hair begins to recede from the front of your hairline and push your hairline back

– Hair starts to thin around the temples or on top of your head. Eventually, it causes a horseshoe-like area around the back and sides of your head [1]