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Pneumonia Diagnosis & Treatments

Pneumonia is a common infection that causes inflamed air sacs in your lungs. These areas might be filled with pus or fluid, making it more difficult to breathe as usual. A variety of organisms such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria would trigger this condition. The level of intensity can range from mild to serious. Older people and young children, especially infants, are often at higher risks of developing this health issue. Read on to learn how to diagnose and treat pneumonia.

Pneumonia Diagnosis

General Check

The first thing your doctor might ask you to do is removing or lifting up your shirt so that she or he could listen to the lungs with a stethoscope. This process doesn’t hurt, but some people might find it a bit uncomfortable due to the coldness when this device touches their bare skin. Also, the doctor might ask you to breathe deeply while she or he is listening to the back and front of the chest. If the doctor notices crackling or rattling sounds, these can be a symptom of pneumonia. [1]