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7 Reasons You Feel Pain under Your Fingernail When Pressed

Are you experiencing pain under the fingernail when pressed? It may be a possible sign of an infection or an injury. More serious conditions would also be the cause. In this article, we’ll take a look at 7 common reasons why this issue occurs.

Torn Hangnail

Hangnails are a common problem that causes loose bits of skin around the fingernail. It especially occurs in cold weather when the skin gets drier. When you rip or pull them, there may be pain or even infection. To treat hangnails, you first need to wash the torn hangnail with water and soap and then apply an antibiotic cream. Use a bandage to cover your affected nail until it heals. If the hangnail does not improve or still hurts after a few days, an infection may have happened. In this case, consult your doctor to get prescribed antibiotics. [1]