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12 Common Causes of Milia

Milk cysts or milia are non-inflamed, small cysts occurring on the skin. These small bumps are quite similar to whiteheads. They are typically yellow or white in color and hard to touch. The size is approximately 1 to 2 millimeters in diameters, though some could be bigger. Milia do not pop and can last for a long period. In this article, we will take a look at the top 12 common causes of milia.

Heavy Eye Creams

Eye creams are like facial moisturizers packed with hydrating and anti-aging components. These include dimethicone, mineral oil, silicones, or petrolatum. They are added to help prevent the loss of water in the skin. However, the skin around your eyes is much more fragile and thinner than other parts. Therefore, they cannot tolerate these components. Without oil glands that keep the skin moist, using heavy eye creams can restrict blood circulation and increase the risk of milia. To prevent this, you should choose specialized products that would be absorbed properly and increase skin firmness and volume. Try something with an ultra-light texture if possible. [1]