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10 Common Psoriasis Symptoms & Signs

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes skin cell production to hasten up; this causes new skin cells to be produced in just days instead of weeks. The hastily produced skin cells accumulate on the skin and cause red itchy patches to form. This disease is caused by the immune system directing skin cells to grow more quickly than they should; this is why it is called an autoimmune disease. There are different types of psoriasis, and they can be hard to diagnose because different people who suffer from this disease develop unusual symptoms. Nonetheless, if you have information about the symptoms and signs of this disease, it may help you recognize this skin disease. This article aims to discuss some of the signs and symptoms of this skin disease. [1]

Silvery Scales

When psoriasis sets in, it is possible to notice some silvery scale-like development on the skin. Sometimes, these scales may serve as a cover for red rashes. These silver scales are actually dead skin cells, and with time the top of these scales can begin to flake away easily. Although they can be itchy, it is usually not a good idea to attempt to scratch them off as this will only lead to bleeding. If you notice any symptoms like this, you should see a doctor as soon as you can. [2]