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Top 10 Ringworm Symptoms

Ringworm is a common infectious condition that can occur to anyone, especially in children. It tends to cause a scaly, red, and raised rash which might spread from your toes to your head. Also, ringworm might not show up in the usual ring as you often see. Understanding which signs of ringworm to look for would be helpful in seeking proper diagnoses and treatments. Thus, we have created this list of the top 10 ringworm symptoms that you might face.

Scaly Patches

The most obvious sign of ringworm is a scaly skin area. In most cases, this condition begins as a scaly and flat patch and might grow gradually in size when the infection develops. Be aware that it might look like a small spore or pimple. Whenever you notice these parts, keep in mind to keep track and see how they progress. Run your fingers on the skin to check whether it is scaly. Also, skin patches might have a matte tone. In more severe cases, these patches would become itchy, which would suggest a progression. [1]