Myrrh – Health Benefits, Uses, and Risks

Myrrh is a dried sap extracted from the thorny plants. It has been long used as incense and perfume for sacred and medicinal purposes. Myrrh essential oil typically has an earthy aroma and brown color. It can be produced through a steam distillation process. In this article, we will show you important health benefits, uses, and risks of myrrh.

1Health Benefits of Myrrh

Improve Oral Health

Myrrh contains many antimicrobial components. That’s why it has been long used for treating oral inflammation and infections. Many natural toothpaste and mouthwashes approved by the FDA are produced with myrrh oil. In addition, people with Behcet’s disease, an inflammatory condition, can benefit from a myrrh mouthwash as it would alleviate painful sores in the mouth and speed up healing. Studies also show some benefits of myrrh on gingivitis, a condition causing inflammation in the gums because of plaque buildup. Avoid swallowing oral care products with myrrh because a high dose could be toxic. Also, it is not suitable for those who have oral surgery. [1]


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