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Tornado Dream Meaning, Symbols, and Explanation

For many people, dreams can be so real and vivid even after they have waked up. Some make you wonder what they mean in your life or where they come from. Among these, tornadoes seem to be common as they would show up in our dreams from time to time. What does it actually mean for you and your life? Read on to find out the explanation and symbols of a tornado dream.

Tornado Dream and Fear of Change

The fear of change may be another meaning of having a tornado dream. There are many reasons for this. Repression, denial, or ignorance of the intuitions signal us to alter how we live, think, and behave. Through intuitions, our subconscious is trying to let us know that important things are going to change or happen. However, we are likely to neglect it when it is not a pleasant change. [1]