10 Facts of Inositol to Know

Inositol or vitamin B8 is an important substance for many body functions. It naturally occurs in some foods, such as nuts, grains, beans, and fruits. In addition, the body can generate this element from carbs in the diet or you can take supplements to ensure sufficient intake. In this article, we will show you 10 important facts of inositol to know.

1What Is Inositol?

While inositol is often known as vitamin B8, it does not belong to the vitamin family. Instead, this is a form of sugar with some essential health benefits. Inositol plays a key part in the body’s structure as an important element of cell membranes. Also, this element is involved in the regulation of insulin, which is a necessary hormone to control blood sugar levels. Chemical messengers in the cognitive system like dopamine and serotonin can be regulated by inositol as well. [1]


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