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Dry Skin on Your Face – Causes, Signs, Preventions and Home Remedies

Dry Skin on the Face and the Common Causes

Dry areas on the skins are localized patches where the skin lacks in moisture. It can be a sign of many medical conditions, such as fungal or bacterial infections, skin cancer, psoriasis, contact or irritant dermatitis, or eczema. If left untreated, these patches would become irritated and inflamed. Since this is a common skin issue, it is difficult to determine the exact cause. You need to notice your daily routine and consult your doctor to rule out possible triggers and take proper preventive measures. [1]

The skin naturally generates sebum, a type of oil. When this production is too much, it would result in pimples. Nevertheless, having some oil on the skin is necessary to ensure hydration and protection against infection. When the skin does not replenish or create enough oil, it may become dry. Som common causes of dry skin on the face include dry air, cold weather, unbalanced pH levels on the skin, excessive skin washing, exposure to chemicals in skincare products, smoking, hypothyroidism, diabetes, direct exposures to sunlight, and skin issues, such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, or atopic dermatitis. Depending on the skin types and causes, there are certain treatment options available. [2]