10 Common Treatments of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a quite common autoimmune condition that is characterized by discolored skin patches. It causes the skin to lose its pigmentation with mistaken attacks. The condition occurs when the body cells, which are responsible for producing melanin to color your hair and skin, stop working. Vitiligo is not dangerous or contagious. However, it would affect your look and impact the quality of life. While it is hard to prevent this issue, there are ways to alleviate the signs and deal with white patches. With that in mind, here are the top 10 best treatments for vitiligo to try.


Photochemotherapy, also known as light therapy, uses controlled exposures to ultraviolet rays to help correct discoloration caused by vitiligo. In many cases, ultraviolet light therapy can also be used with a plant-based drug called psoralen. This medication would be applied topically to a small area of the affected skin or taken orally. This treatment option is known as PUVA, which is more effective than photochemotherapy alone. It can be particularly useful in treating skin patches on your trunk, neck, legs, head, and arms. You might need to repeat this treatment up to 3 times per week for around 6 months. [1]


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