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7 Proven Inositol Benefits for Your Health

Inositol is a form of sugar in many plant-based dietary sources like corn, beans, citrus, fruit, or cantaloupe. Also, it is added to many supplements and used as complementary therapies to deal with several medical conditions. With many antioxidant properties and its effects on hormones, the substance plays an important role in many basic functions. Below are 7 proven inositol benefits for the health that everyone should know.

Improve PCOS Symptoms

Polycystic ovary syndrome, shortly PCOS, is a health issue that leads to imbalances of hormones in women. If left untreated, it would eventually cause infertility and irregular periods. High triglyceride and cholesterol levels, high blood sugar, and overweight are major risk factors for PCOS. Inositol supplements can help improve the symptoms, especially when taken with folic acid, by lowering triglycerides levels in your blood. In addition, the substance is able to reduce blood pressure and boost insulin functions. Both effects can significantly help people with PCOS feel better. Last but not least, studies have found that inositol can help with ovulation, thus improving fertility problems in PCOS. [1]