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16 Foods High in Iron You Should Know

Iron is an essential mineral, needed in the body to make hemoglobin which is responsible for the movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide. [1] Hemoglobin carries oxygen from the lung and distributes it to other body parts; it also transports carbon dioxide back to the lungs for exhaling. When there is an insufficient intake of iron, however, symptoms of iron deficiency may begin to manifest. Dizziness, headache, pale skin, and fatigue are all symptoms of iron deficiency. It is imperative to take sufficient iron, and several animal and plant sources can give you your daily dose of iron, some of these food sources are discussed below.


Spinach is one of the plant sources of iron. Although it isn’t absorbed well by the body, the little quantities absorbed can still go a long way. The best part is that spinach contains a lot of other vital constituents; an example is vitamin c, which helps in the absorption of iron. Spinach also contains a lot of antioxidants that may help to reduce the possibility of cancer. Try to include spinach in your meal from time to time; for healthy doses of iron, vitamin c, and other essential nutrients. [2, 3]