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8 Best Magnesium Supplements

Many at times, we try as much as possible to eat healthily and give all the nutrients needed by our bodies only to find out at the long run that our body is still lacking some nutrients despite our meticulousness. This is when supplements come in. Our bodies can become magnesium-deficient due to certain factors such as old age, personal preferences of food, medication, etc. Magnesium supplements are being produced for these reasons. Below are the eight best magnesium supplements you can take.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate is a mineral supplement used to treat low amounts of magnesium in the body. When magnesium becomes lower than needed in the body, it poses severe problems and exposes the body to dangers. Magnesium citrate is taken orally. You take each dose -which amounts to 8 ounces- with water. Unless directed otherwise by your doctor, do not take magnesium citrate on an empty stomach to avoid stomach upset and diarrhea. Ensure to take it with a meal. Medication must be taken regularly, at the same time and the same dose as directed because excess magnesium in the blood can cause adverse effects.[1]