Top 15 Foods High in Calcium You Should Know

Studies show that calcium aids in weight loss. Other research suggested that taking only three servings of dairy every day; it will not only help prevent osteoporosis but also support weight loss.

However, experiencing the above mentioned requires a synergistic relationship between calcium and protein, which is often dairy items — as such, eating foods like collards rich in calcium.

Nevertheless, any form of calcium is good for improving your overall health. In fact, calcium is more needed in the body than any other minerals, as it’s a plays an integral role in nerves signaling, muscle function, and heart health. Plus, it’s a significant component of your teeth and bones.

Here are 15 top foods high in calcium:


Most cheeses are rich in calcium. For instance, the parmesan cheese contains more calcium than any other with 33% of the recommended daily intake per 28 grams (ounce). Other cheeses often come with lesser calcium concentration within the range of 5% to 20% of the RDI. [1]

In addition to that, dairy products, unlike plant sources, features calcium that can be absorbed quickly by the body. Further, other types of cheese, like cottage cheese, come stacked with protein.

That’s not all: hard cheeses are ideal for individuals with lactose intolerance, as they are naturally not high in lactose.

Dairy items are also known to offer extra health benefits. A recent study showed that dairy products might help lower the risk of heart-related diseases while another research suggests that consuming cheese every day may reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, and type II diabetes. [2]

However, bear in mind that full-fat cheese has high calories and fat. Also, almost all cheese is rich in sodium, which some individual may find very sensitive.


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