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15 Foods Low in Carbohydrates

Starting a low-carb diet is one of the quickest and most effective ways to lose weight. More importantly, reducing the number of carbohydrates in your daily meal can also help to resolve some serious health issues and lead to a more informed and healthier lifestyle. However, many people might not know which carb is and often assume it to be synonymous with starch. This results in unbalanced diets that lack essential fruits and veggies. To help you make a better decision, here are the top 15 low-carb foods to include in your diet.


Spinach is known as a nutritional vegetable. It is rich in many essential nutrients such as zeaxanthin and lutein, two important phytonutrients that are good for your eye health. Also, spinach is low in carbs high in iron, folate, and fiber. This versatile food can be eaten at any time of the day, so you don’t need to worry about letting frozen in the fridge. You can put this leafy green into a smoothie or mix in protein sources or your favorite fruit. Consider adding a bit of lemon to absorb more iron from your spinach.

There are around 4 grams of carbs in 1 cup of spinach. [1]