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Ways to Treat Earaches

Many people think that earaches are only a minor problem, but they may lead to excruciating pain. You can feel much harder to eat, sleep, or continue with your daily life. Children are especially prone to this health issue. People with serious ear pain should consult their healthcare provider, particularly for the first time. In mild cases, you can try the following home remedies to alleviate the pain and other symptoms.

Warm or Cold Compresses

The simplest way to alleviate an earache is to apply a warm or cold compress on the affected area. You can easily purchase warm compresses or ice packs in most health stores or pharmacies. Hold the packs until they lose their warmth. You can also alternate between cold and warm after 10 minutes. High and low temperatures can help dilate or contract the blood vessels, thus relieving pain. [1]


You can try some gentle massage movements to ease the pain around your ear. Aim for the area around the tender muscles to ensure effectiveness. Start with a downward motion and apply pressure down the neck, behind your ears. Keep applying pressure downward and work forward to the front ears. By doing this, you can drain excess fluid from your ears and relieve the symptoms. [2]