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Top 10 Ear Infection Symptoms

Ear infections are a common health issue, especially in children and infants. However, adults would suffer from this condition due to many triggers. The pain often occurs to your ear and could be excruciating. It is usually followed by many symptoms such as a fever or a sore throat, which makes you feel tired and miserable. Fortunately, it is quite simple and quick to treat ear infections in a couple of days. Here are the top 10 ear infection symptoms that you should be careful about.

Pain or Earache

The most obvious sign of an ear infection is the painful sensation in these areas. In most cases, it often gets worse when you lie down, particularly when you lie on the side of the affected ear. Also, it might result in a headache that would make it difficult to differentiate the ache in your ear. An effective way to pinpoint the exact location of the pain is to lay down and lean your head to both sides of the body. If you suffer from otitis external or outer infection, the pain might increase when you pull on or press this part. Also, the pain would radiate to your neck, face, or head. [1]