15 Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the essential vitamins needed by the body even though the body cannot produce it. Vitamin B12 has a lot of functions in the body, and whenever it is lacking, some health problems might develop. Naturally present in animal products, this vitamin helps to keep the nervous system in perfect working condition. Also, vitamin B12 is required for the formation of red blood cells, prevention of diseases, improvement of memory and a lot of other things. There are lots of people out there with vitamin B12 deficiency who are not aware of their conditions; this is because it is quite hard to diagnose, especially at an early age. For healthy living, it is, therefore, necessary to know the different benefits and sources of vitamin B12, some of the benefits and sources are discussed in this article.

1Formation of DNA

Vitamin B12 is vital in the formation of DNA in the human body; it is one of the important things that help with normal cell formation. A lack of vitamin B12 or insufficient vitamin B12 may lead to the formation of abnormal cells in the body, the formation of abnormal cells caused by lack of vitamin B12 may lead to anemia. To avoid this, it is important to take sufficient food rich in vitamin B12 or vitamin B12 supplements. This particular benefit of vitamin B12 is also why it is necessary during pregnancy; to help in the formation of the fetus. [1]


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