Diet Tips for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a health issue that triggers musculoskeletal pain in many body parts. It can be followed by tenderness, fatigue, and mood or memory problems. Since many signs are quite similar to those of other health conditions, it would be difficult to diagnose fibromyalgia. There is still no cure for this disorder, but many treatments are available to help manage the symptoms. Read on to learn some helpful diet tips for people with fibromyalgia.

1Increase Energy Intake

Fatigue is a typical symptom of fibromyalgia. This would make you feel extremely exhausted and worn out during the day. Therefore, it is important to take in sufficient energy in your diet. Make sure to avoid sweets because they do more harm than good. Instead, combine fats or protein with carbs to allow for gradual absorption during the day. Whole and fresh foods that are low in added sugars and high in fiber can be great choices. These include avocado, dark leafy greens, oatmeal, tofu, beans, broccoli, seeds, nuts, and almonds. [1]


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