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Foods High in Vitamin A – 10 Best Sources and Nutritional Facts

Vitamin A is an important vitamin for reproductive health, immune function, body growth, and vision. A deficiency of this nutrient may lead to some health problems, such as higher risks of infections, night blindness, dry eyes, skin issues, and hair loss. The recommended daily intakes of vitamin A for men and women are 900 and 700 mcg, respectively, while children need around 300 to 600 mcg per day. Fortunately, it is easy to take in this nutrient from the diet. Below is a list of the top 10 best foods high in vitamin A that you should know.


Carrots are high in beta carotene, a form of vitamin A. Consuming half a cup of raw carrots may provide the body with around 450 mcg of this nutrient, which is equivalent to 50 percent of the daily recommended intake. Carrots also contain a moderate number of calories, making them a healthy and light snack, especially when you combine them with guacamole or hummus. This veggie is high in dietary fiber as well. Thus, consuming carrots may help boost overall gut health and prevent constipation. [1]