GMO Facts – Pros and Cons

GMO, which stands for the genetically modified organism, is increasingly becoming popular all over the world. These foods are mostly produced from corn, soy, or other veggies and fruits originated from seeds or plants with genetically engineered DNAs. Indeed, up to 90% of cotton, soybeans, or corn in the country use GM seeds. That’s why you might see them in many meals and snacks. However, there are still many debates about this new trend in the agriculture and food industry. Some people claim that it is safe, sustainable, and healthy, while others believe the opposite. Keep reading to know more about some pros and cons of GMOs.

16 Pros of GMOs

Easy to Grow

Genetic engineering technologies create GMOs with the aim of finding more sustainable ways to grow foods. Thus, those GM seeds and plants tend to develop better in many environments with different weather conditions. By adding some positive genetic features or removing some negative genetic traits, scientists would transform specific species to suit a wider range of climate components. This would help save a lot of financial and human resources for the agricultural industry. More importantly, they can have longer shelf lives, thus allowing for shipments to remote areas. [1]


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