Symptoms of an Ulcer

An ulcer is a sore that may occur to many parts of the body. It is often painful and slow to heal. Depending on the affected areas, the shapes and signs can vary. Ulcers are not uncommon. They may appear anywhere, from your skin and mouth to stomach or legs. In some cases, ulcers disappear on their own, but some people might need medical treatment to avoid severe complications. Below are typical symptoms of different types of ulcers.

1Symptoms of a Genital Ulcer

Genital ulcers are formed on genital areas, including the anus, vagina, and penis. Sexually transmitted infections are the main cause, but they can also be triggered by allergic reactions when applying skin care products, inflammatory diseases, or trauma. Typical symptoms include sores, bumps, rash, itchiness, pain, fever, and swollen glands in your groin area. Depending on the underlying cause, there are some treatment options available. Mild cases tend to disappear on their own. If an infection is the main cause, then your doctor would suggest an antibiotic or antiviral ointment or medication. [1]


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