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The Symptoms of ACL Tear

ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament, which connects the shinbone and the thighbone to stabilize the knee joint. A tear in this part often occurs during sports activities. This leads to unstable knee and leg pain. The injury is more common in professional athletes. A physical exam can help diagnose the issue, but your doctor may suggest an imaging technique to determine other problems. Below are some typical symptoms of an ACL tear that you should know.

Knee Instability

The ACL is an important ligament that plays a part in the stability of your knee joint. When a tear happens to this part, the knee joint may become unstable. That’s why knee instability is one of the earliest signs you notice. It means the knee joint is more likely to give out when you perform a pivoting or cutting movement, which is very common in many physical activities and sports. In some cases, even simple movements, such as standing up or walking would also result in instability in people with an ACL tear. [1]