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Dravet Syndrome – Treatments and Therapies

Anticonvulsant Medications

As Dravet syndrome occurs, your healthcare provider would prescribe anticonvulsant medications, such as clobazam or valproic acid, to manage seizures. However, they are not so effective when taken alone. There is little scientific evidence on the effectiveness of valproic acid for treating Dravet syndrome. It may even lead to mild to serious side effects, such as sedation, tremor, hair loss, changed appetite, low blood count, pancreatitis, higher blood ammonia, and liver damage. Possible side effects of clobazam include sedation, increased salivation, reduced behavioural inhibitions, and ataxia. In most cases, if these first-line medications do not work well, other treatments may be suggested. In fact, most children tend to need a second-line option for treating Dravet syndrome. [1]