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Testicular Trauma: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and More

Testicles and Testicular Trauma

Testicles, also known as testes, are two organs in the reproductive system of men. They are typically in the oval shape and located in the scrotum, which is a sac of skin. Both testicles hang in the front of the pelvic area around the upper thighs. They play a key role for the generation and storage of male sperms until they are mature enough for semen expulsion. In addition, the testicles release testosterone, an important hormone for fertility, sex drive, and the growth of bone and muscle mass. [1]

Testicular trauma refers to any condition that hurts one or both testicles by force. It may happen with different mechanisms. In most cases, any trauma to the scrotum or testicle may do harm to a part or the whole organ. Common causes include direct impact from kicks, falls, or vehicle accidents. If the tough cover of the testicle is shattered or torn, blood may leak from the affected site. This blood pool would stretch the scrotum until it becomes tense and result in an infection. [2]